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HammerHead Web Hosting is a local business designed to service other local businesses web hosting needs. There are nearly 1.6 million small businesses operating in Australia but only between 30-45% of them (depending on state/industry) actually have a website. Not having a website does not mean your business is in trouble, but it does affect how customers find you, and more importantly customers who use the internet to search for products and services are going to find your competitors websites first.

HammerHead Web Hosting wants to help you even the odds and attract more customers by ensuring the best possible chance of your company, its products and services being found, by giving you a real, professional website, fully optimised to give you the best chance.

Having a website is not the only way to appead on the Internet. It is

The internet is full of these so called ‘local search web sites’, which claim to help small businesses get on the internet, but in reality these are no more effective than www.yellowpages.com as helping your customers find you.

Be Found!

Did you know that actual company websites, appear first in search rankings before any of these so called ‘local’ site listings? Even worse, these web listings only contain a few words, where a whole website can describe a wide range of your products and services to potential customers. HammerHead webhosting recognises that setting up a website for the average small business, as well as domain names, improving search rankings and not infringing on intellectual property rights is far too difficult.