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Why be on the internet?

A Standalone company website, allows your company to ‘live’ on the internet the way the internet was designed for. The primary advantages are:

– WebSites have a Name

“Every web page has a title. This is the first priority when searching, and what created the primary listing in a google search.”

-Websites have content

“In fact a lot of content. All of this text creates searchable information. Each one of your products and services will be searchable.”

-WebSites can influence search engines

“The density of key words, the formats of links, Hidden text for Meta Tags, all influence search engines, which gets your company in front of potential customers?”

– Websites have credibility

“Do companies like yours have their own website? Do they appear more appealing because they do?

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Why would you need a website?

Did you know that actual company websites, appear first in search rankings before any of these so called ‘local’ site listings?Look at the below search in google (click on it to view yourself) for a mechanic in the Sutherland Shire. Did you notice:

– The top listing is a paid google listing?

– Properly formatted web-pages, have properly formatted address details, which show in the map listing.

– the next listing are directory listings, but these need multiple clicks to find them. See further down for more details on these.

– next down are the map searches (these are being used more and more), but only websites with name titles and formatted address details are shown.

– Below these are the actual websites!

Do this search yourself, for your business products and servers (don’t just search for your company name, if customers knew your name, they would already be knocking on your door!)

‘Local’ web directories don’t work?

Lots and lots of web directories exist. Many claim to be ‘local’ directories, specialising in getting companies on the web, but really they are performing a similar function to www.yellowpages.com.au. These will:

– List your registered company name Provide your contact/address details (and some even a Map)

– Try to get you to ‘pay’ for a better listing? (Maybe graphics/larger font)

– May even just download the yellowpages listings, and list your company without even telling you? Then call you offering to ‘improve’ your position for a fee!

But? They don’t list all of your products/services They don’t enhance search terms Some even list your competitors on the same page as you! “we found similar listings to your search”. They do not use ‘Meta-Tags’ to guide the search robots? Any competitor with a real website, will also list higher! They simply do not work! Only a True Website, can perform these functions.